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Creating Enchantment for Sterile Spells

16 May
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Sumtimes its hard to say What you're like when you are so many things all at once, perhaps a string of contradictions, to construct a paragraph that represents Who you are when your mood dictates your personality. I am void of personality and tire in efforts of description.

Like a magpie i'm attracted to shiney things i love adventures and want to be a costume designer when i grow up, should i ever grow up :)


50's, 80's, 80's kids tv, 80's music, aeris, aftershock, alison hannigan, alternative, alternative faeries, alternative hairstyles, anime, bam margera, being heard, bill bailey, billy connolly, biting, black books, bold, brian froud, brian molko, button moon, candle light, candles, carpentry, cherry brandy, cherry sauce, chii, chobits, close friends, company, corsetry, corsets, crafts, creative, creativity, cult films, custom-made, dance, dancing, david bowie, dirty hands, diy, double bass, dragonflys, drama, dylan moran, eccentric, eccentrical, eddie izzard, enchanted, enchantment, excentricity, expression, extreme weather, fabric, faeries, fairy's, fake hair, fancy dress, fantasy, fear, festivals, final fantasy, flutterbys, freedom, gadgets, geckos, geeking, glam, glitter, goblins, hair dye, hair extensions, handmade, honesty, honky tonk, industrial, jazz, joey lauren adams, johnny depp, kevin smith, kisses, kissing, labyrinth, little shop of horrors, love, magic, making things, masks, masquerade balls, metal, monsters, monty python, movies, moving things, muppets, musicals, newquay, night, noisy things, one piece, open minded, oscar wilde, outrageous, outrageous hair, passion, pasta, performing, piercings, platforms, punk, puppetry, puppets, purdeyness, purple, pvc, reading, red dwarf, robin guy, rock and roll, rocky horror picture show, saxophone, sea, self expression, sewing, sexuality, shiney things, ska, ska punk, spaced, spirit, stage, tank girl, theatre, toast, top cat, trap door, trigun, unique, unique style, velvet, vw camper vans, wings, world of warcraft