Help? Find me a home

If anyone knows anyone in Brighton who needs a room-mate please link them to this post. thankies :o)

I'm a 24yr old professional working in central Brighton and looking for either a double room in a current flatshare or other people who are looking to share to find a flat with.

I'm pretty easy-going, i keep things clean and tidy but am not obsessive about cleaning and not really effected by noisey people, i can get along with most people and am considerate of others.. when i'm in the house i like to have people over, cook, chat, watch films, listen to music and generally enjoy and feel relaxed in my home enviroment. I work in the North Laines so i'd really like to be within walking distance of there and internet access is desirable as im a bit of a geek.

I'd like to live with friendly people who are not overly house-proud but are considerate of others, who i can get along with and laugh with. People who don't mind the odd party or gathering and like to spend time with their housemates both at home and out in the big wide world.

Contact me: TwistedPixie@gmail.com 07886852079

Ta very muchly

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I've been looking for something for a while, the trouble was i wasn't sure what it was or where to start looking, tonight it turned up in the place i least expected to find it, my feet... and whilst i was discovering this i also found my confidence, who'd have thought thats where it was hiding? It just took a little coaxing and some guidance. I'm giddy... lets go again!
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Its seems that all my friends are now models or djs... due to the fact that i look awful on camera (or otherwise infact! hah) and i like music that no-one else in the world really cares for i'm feeling somewhat out of place.
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I feel rubbish. Utter utter rubbish. Thats one of the hardest things i've ever had to do.

...I just found the low point of my job. :o(
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bit of an update...

I'm feeling pretty proud of myself, moving to Brighton was a good move afterall, it hasn't been easy and i've had my doubts but i'm starting to feel really comfortable, it feels like home.
I really love my work, in the time i've been here i've gone from casual adviser to Box office manager and in the little spare time i have i've been working on a piece to put into the fringe festival next year or the one after.
Yep i'm feeling good right now.
GiB is being unbelievably supportive and i'm feeling really lucky to have him, there are few who would put up with me like he does.
so yeah... just a bit of an update

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Ok this is the idea... i put my entire playlist of songs on shuffle... press skip and write the first line of each song that plays... you have to guess the track and artist.
lets play...

1 Come let us make bricks and burn them hard

2 It was not my decision to conjure up mirrored images that we share

3 I have you in my dreams at night you were holding my hands

4 I used to have a heart, i used to have a soul,

5 She don't wear make-up

6 I bought my baby a red radio

7 I met my love by the gasworks wall

8 I'm calling in sick, i'm calling in twisted

9 I know that i can't make you stay

10 Hey joe, where you going with that gun in your hand
Jimi Hendrix - Hey Joe [KinkyPixie]

11 caaaaaaaaaaaaaaaake

12 Why don't you shut the door and close the curtains

13 twenty past four and we're feeling kinda bored

14 When i said that aint my style i only waited for a while

15 We could have been anything that we wanted to be
Bugsy Malone - Bad Guys [KinkyPixie]

16 I got ya, i shot ya and you bloody know i did

17 Raised on songs and stories, heroes of renown

18 I saw a star beneath the stairs

19 Society, we all know there's something wrong

20 Yeah yeah.. let me be with you.

21 I've got this thing about you now

22 Just talked to this girl used to live here on my street

23 Well i remember every little thing as if it happened only yesterday
Meat Loaf - Paradise By The Dashboard Light [Arlandria83]

24 What do you tell yourself at night to make you feel better

25 Never thought you'd make me perspire

I keep having this dream...

and its starting to give me the creeps.
I had 2 re-curring dreams that i can recall right now, one of which has been with me for as long as i can remember so from at least the age of 6 and i've got used to it.. i suppose it's trying to tell me something but untill it spells it out a bit clearer i'll let it get on with it.
My sixth is the first year of my life in which i have full memories... before that its just snippets so if i say to you.. it started when i was about 6 that's because i don't remember much before then.
This new one takes the total up to three and to be honest if i explain it it's not too disturbing, but whilst i'm dreaming i find it terrifying.

I'm in the flat, it's the current one although looks slightly different but in the dream i don't notice that, and i'm showing friends/family around... finishing the tour somebody asks 'what's in there' and i look and see a door i hadn't noticed before and think it must be a cupboard. I open the door and inside is a nursery... with three beds, sort of crammed in, it's not really big enough for three, all set up with duvets and such slightly disturbed as though a child had just crawled out of them and toys everywhere. It looks like it has been played in recently. iI don't really remember what happens next but i remember being terrified and i wake up in a sweat. Why... i've seen messy kids bedrooms before! Ok i don't expect them to be in my house but... i'm puzzled.

Any comments?

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If you'd like to tell me what i've done to deserve being ignored i'd be most grateful.

Edit: I'm a worryingly paranoid person. Scratch this.
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This is a lazy day.
Having got up at mid-day after a welcome long lay in i reluctantly crawled out of bed and rang both my banks to say 'wft?' to which both reply 'Oops' and all was right with the world. I am now sitting in front of the computer, in the same position i have been in for some time, drinking options mint hot chocolate and munching a second round of Cherry jam on toast.
Sod you weight loss, the jam gave a better case. weight loss can wait.
Jam is instant happy and although weight loss ultimately makes me more happy than jam it just doesn't have that quick fix approach i love so much. I think today we are discovering the comparison between the way i think and the way a 3 year old thinks.
You can have Jam now (equal to short term instant happy) but if you can wait til tomorrow you can have weight loss (long term cumulative happy)
I more often than not go for the former. Besides Cherry jam and bread is practically all the food we have in the house.